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Building anything is expensive and this is particularly true in the case of building a home or a house. However, you can find cheap construction materials for an affordable amount if you make a little effort. For example, when we were building out gazebo, we were able to find used cloakroom benches that we repurposed and modified as dining tables for the gazebo. Granted, this was not construction material but there are places where you can find metal and non-metal building materials for very cheap.

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Freecycling or exchange websites

Times have changed and its now possible for you to contact people from halfway across the state for goods through the internet. For this reason, all you have to do is go online and check with freecycling or exchange or swap websites. These websites specialize in connecting people together to ensure that materials are used ecologically. The only problem here is that you will have to wait. There is no guarantee that you will find exactly what you want and when you want it and in the required quantity. We recommend you use these websites only for materials that are expensive and readily available.

Salvage yards

This is actually the best option for any homeowners or construction project managers. All salvage yards will have a huge stock of construction material. Now yards have also streamlined their working and all you have to do is put in a request for a particular material. The yard will search out what you want or they will get in touch with other yards in the area and put out a standing request for more material matching your requirement. This means you will actually be contacting more than five local yards in the same area and they will search for your construction needs.

Construction site waste

Construction sites are usually huge areas filled with a good stock of raw materials. Material managers have to ensure that cement, sand and metal raw materials are readily available all through the year as construction goes on. At the same time, they accumulate a lot of waste material that may not meet their project standards. In this case, it's a far better idea to visit the project manager or the site manager to find out what is available. However, not every site is so accepting. Some companies have very strict rules and regulations about disposal of waste and reuse of construction material. They may not sell salvage material directly to small buyers.

Disaster areas

Disaster areas also usually have a lot of salvage material that can be reused. Be very careful though as there is a very good chance of injury and infection in most disaster areas.

The bottom line

As you are buying secondhand material, we do urge you to be careful. Construction means that you are building a home or a project that has to stand the test of time. As a result, make sure you are buying quality items. If you feel the items are not up to standard or the price is too low; avoid the item completely.